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The Wash Procedure

First inspection of vehicle, wheels are agitated and cleaned with a non-acidic wheel cleaner, the body work is then pre-washed and sprayed with a lemon citrus safe traffic film remover (TFR) which is allowed to dwell for a couple of minutes before rinsing.

A full hand wash is carried out with a luxury hand mitt using the 2-bucket process method where one bucket is soapy with PH neutral shampoo and a grit guard inside and the other with clean water. By washing with the soapy first bucket with the grit guard in and then dunking in the second clean water bucket in between passes this is the safest way to wash.

The vehicle is then rinsed of soap and then dried with a luxury safe drying towel this is all to ensure your car is cleaned as safely as possible as opposed to cheaper car washes, roadside wash services available which cause paint imperfections such as scratches and swirl marks. Lastly the tyres are dressed with a tyre gloss.

Mini Valet from £35.00

After wash procedure the interior has a dry hoover, the dash is wiped down and interior windows cleaned. Next the exterior windows are cleaned. Interior mats are cleaned and placed back into the vehicle finally with a burst of fragrance before closing the doors.

(Price is subject to condition and will be confirmed upon a pre-valet inspection before work commences)

Full Valet from £60.00

This is the same as the mini valet above but with additions such as the door shuts are also cleaned compartments and ashtrays are cleaned including the glovebox and air vent grills. A more extensive hoover is also carried out as opposed to the basic hoover of the mini valet. Seat surfaces are then wiped over and any light minor spot marks removed. Next the exterior is polished and waxed and any black trims applicable are dressed.

(Price is subject to condition and will be confirmed upon a pre-valet inspection before work commences)

Additional Services

Clay barring - From £25.00

After the wash process as a additional service to the wash I can clay bar your vehicle to safely remove any embedded contamination. you can safely check your vehicle for this my using a hand with no jewellery on placed in a sandwich bag and very lightly running you hand across the paint in which you would feel roughness as opposed to smooth paintwork this is the paint contamination you feel. Clay barring can drastically help with the final polished result as contamination will not allow your paint to truly shine or show its full depth of colour with contamination between the paint and polish/wax this treatment should be repeated every 2-4 months.

(Price is subject to vehicle size and condition) 

Glass Window Treatment (Hydrophobic) - From £15.00

This is a treatment that is applied to exterior glass which repels water from your windscreen and windows on contact with hydrophobicity this is very helpful as you wont just need to rely on your wipers. The treatment alone will be working to repel the water as soon as it makes contact with the treated glass.

(Price is subject to vehicle size)

Upholstery Interior Cleaning/Wet Vac - From £45.00

This is for a deep upholstery clean to suck up liquid spills and embedded dirt stains, muddy shoe prints or dog paw marks. This needs a special filter to do so as it also deals with odours from spillages because you need to remove the source not mask it.

(Price is subject to vehicle size and condition and will be confirmed upon a pre-valet inspection before work commences)

Steam Cleaning - From £45.00

This is where steam is pushed out onto the surface loosening and removing grime, grease and dirt as well as cleaning. It also kills harmful bacteria germs including mould spores and fleas without using any chemicals to clean.

(Price is subject to vehicle size and condition and will be confirmed upon a pre-valet inspection)


Leather Clean/Treatment Care - from £25.00

This is where I safely clean the leather and then treat it with luxury leather moisturizers that treat the leather as well as protecting it producing a lovely lush leather look and feel. Having regular treatment will help protect against wear such a cracking where the leather dries out and splits after time.

Odour Control/Neutralizing - from £20.00

By identifying the smell source and dealing with it the most effective way possible and leaving a fresh lasting smell behind instead.

(Price is subject to pre-inspection)


Engine Bay Clean/Detail - from £40.00

This is where the engine bay is safely washed and dressed producing a nice shiny tidy fresh engine bay.

(Price is subject to condition and will be confirmed upon inspection)



Headlight Restoration £40.00 (Pair)

Are your headlights discoloured, cloudy? Did you know that this is a m.o.t failure and most importantly can reduce your headlight vision up to 50%. Having your headlights replaced can be extremely expensive and time consuming this specialist service is a far more convenient and cost-effective option. Not only will this improve the appearance of your headlights most importantly it will improve your visibility at night once restored.

Machine Paint Correction - from £150.00

After a full wash & decontamination this is a treatment of delicately removing micro scratches and swirls/light marring and also light to medium scratches through machine polishing with cutting and refining using various pads and compounds to improve the clarity of paint. This process improves your paint appearance giving a deeper colour and shine for vehicles that lack the gloss and shine. This can also be used to improve/remove scratches where it is possible as spot correction panel(s)

(Price is subject to size of vehicle and condition of paint and will be confirmed upon inspection)

Machine Polish – From £80.00

This is a extensive polish by machine which gives a far better glossy finish than by a hand polish using polishing pads and machine instead. This is the ultimate polish where correction is not needed/required namely for very good paintwork this would not be suitable for poor quality paintwork that needs correcting first.

Luxury Exterior Paint Sealant / Wax Protection Detail - from £90.00

This is perfect to keep paint protection topped up your New Car Protection or luxury vehicle with excellent paint which requires no correction; this ensures protection of your paintwork from bird poo, bug splatters and other contaminants. Ideally this Should be applied monthly or 2monthly as the upkeep of the protection is important.
This Valeting Service includes a luxury wash/decontamination (clay barring) and finished with an exterior top-quality wax or sealant.

(Price is subject to size of vehicle and the protection chosen on a pre-valet inspection)

Luxury Exterior Valet – from £60.00

First the vehicle has a safe pre-wash (TFR) to remove traffic film flies/salt. Next then the wheels are cleaned followed by a PH neutral fallout remover to dwell and then a full rinse. Next tar spots are removed followed by a PH neutral wash & wax and a luxury wash mitt using the 2-bucket method. Paintwork is then dried including door shuts with a luxury drying towel, tyres are then dressed and any relevant exterior plastics dressed. Finally, the exterior paintwork is waxed.

End of Lease Valet & Inspection from £60.00

This service is a valet before returning your lease vehicle and includes a vehicle inspection after the valet to inform you of any found marks or damage.

(price is subject to size and condition of vehicle and will be confirmed upon a pre-valet inspection before work commences)

Carpet/ Upholstery Protection Detail from £60.00

By applying this treatment to clean carpet and upholstery it creates a protective impenetrable barrier to the fibres meaning you will be able to clean up spillages very easily simply – like the saying ‘like water off a duck’s back’ this is definitely a must have for interior fabric protection.

Vinyl Decal/ Sticker Removal From £40.00

This involves removing not only the decal/sticker safely but the residual glue that’s left behind.

(Price is subject to vehicle size and amount of vinyl/sticker to remove.

In addition, a machine polish is usually recommended to blend the paintwork after.


Motorbike Valeting from £50.00

Full safe wash for motorbike with a dry and polish/wax afterwards instruments switches and screen also cleaned

headlight restoration and enhanced bespoke detailing available

Caravan Polish – From £180

Price dependant on size and condition.

Interior / Exterior Protection

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