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Mobile Valeting & Detailing, Cornwall

We are a fully mobile valeting and detailing company based in St. Agnes Cornwall. Open 7 days a week all year round offering you variety of high quality valeting and detailing services to suit your requirements whether it’s a £800 daily drive or £90,000 luxury vehicle they are all treated with the same respect and attention. I use only the finest products available that’s achieve the best results.

Did you know by having your vehicle regularly valeted you will be retaining your vehicles value?

I also have a loyalty scheme in place for return customers, multiple vehicle discount is also available for cleaning more than one vehicle on the same day or booking location.

If you are selling or exchanging your vehicle? A pre-sale valet will not only boost interest but also could increase the value of your vehicle by several hundred pounds alone. When looking for a vehicle to buy (other than mechanical running) your first impression is always of the appearance and smell. There are many factors which de-value a vehicle such as fabric stains, dirty interior carpets, dirty engine bays, odours from pets or smoking and of course scratches and paint defects



Buying a new vehicle?

Buying a new vehicle from a dealership?  Come to us to apply a new protection package for your vehicle instead of the dealership who will try charging you hundreds for a (commission-based sale) of a product. By coming to us for the vehicle protection you will not only save yourself money but most importantly know your vehicle has been correctly prepared and the application has been applied correctly. Unfortunately, in dealerships vehicles are often not prepared properly and the product is slung on by inexperienced people and sometimes not applied at all.

Returning a lease / hire vehicle?

For peace of mind why not have a end of lease valet & inspection. I will valet the vehicle and inspect it for you after and inform you of any marks/damages found by me so you are aware before handing the vehicle back of the exact condition it was returned by you. This reduces the risk of unexpected damage charges once you have returned the vehicle where it is then cleaned at the branch or dealership where you could then still incur damage charges from alleged damage found, it is known to happen and will be within the hire agreement.  

Fleet/Small Local Companies

I also provide valeting services for small local business and taxi firms.

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